Project Description

Outdoor Laser Tag

Outdoor Laser Tag is action-packed and provides a fun, safe activity the whole family can enjoy. Kalyumet Fore Fun provides the equipment – you provide the smiles!

  • High Tech Hide & Seek

  • Fast Paced Action

  • Infrared technology means no paint, no pain, no mess, no awkward gear

  • Fun “Fore” Everyone Age 6 and over

  • Played in 20 minute, 40 minute or 60 minute sessions

  • Groups & Individual Players Welcome

  • Played on a wooded course. Closed toed shoes are required. Long pants are recommended.

  • Walk-ups welcome. Reservations accepted and recommended for groups of 15 or more players.

  • Final session of the day must begin before 6:00 PM unless advance reservations are made.

Put down your game controller & be part of the game!

Benefits of Playing Outdoor Laser Tag

Laser tag is a game enjoyed by kids of all ages. Have you ever wondered if this fast paced, action-packed game is for you? Well, read on to discover some of the social and health benefits of playing outdoor laser tag.

The top benefit of outdoor laser tag is that it gets you off the couch and into the great outdoors. While playing in the woods you get to enjoy the fresh air and exercise.

During each 20-minute session you enjoy a great cardio work-out. No one ever said exercise cannot be fun.
Although laser tag is low impact on the body, it gets players up and moving. Running, jumping, crouching, stretching and dodging are just some of the actions you will display.  Develop motor skills like balance, flexibility, stamina and coordination as you play.
Whether playing as a group, as a family or as an individual, players feel a sense of camaraderie and belonging. For kids, learning to play as part of a team is important to build sportsmanship. For adults, it is a good reminder of these useful skills.
Laser tag is an opportunity for players of all skill levels to excel. All players participate at the same level and for the same amount of time. Every player is important to the outcome of the game. A variety of skill sets are used playing laser tag, not just physicality. This means no one is left out or left behind. Although scores are compared at the end of the session, each player can challenge themselves to improve on their own results. Individuals can relax and just have fun, even playing with people they don’t know.
Playing video games is great, but it is even more fun to put down the controller and be a part of the game.
An important element of playing laser tag is strategy. Should I make an alliance? Where should I hide? These are just some of the questions players have to figure out. Try different strategies and see which ones work best for your game.
At the end of the session, players enjoy sharing their scores and relaying stories of great tags with their family, friends or teammates.

The laser tag equipment we use is iCombat tactical gear.  Sensors are mounted on the laser tag gun. Players don’t need to wear awkward battle gear like uncomfortable head bands and bulky vests previously worn by others. The game play is sensor to sensor. You are targeting the whole individual, not aiming at a specific body target. The infrared beams are completely harmless. And unlike paintball, there is no pain, no mess and no need to wear special clothes or protective gear.